• Chinse Birds Paintings

    Birds Paintings

    Include crane, paradise flycatcher, parrot, mandarin duck, starling, egret, ducks.

  • Chinese Landscape Paintings


    Mountains and water, village countryside or sea themes in Chinese landscape paintings.

  • Chinese Flowers&Tree Paintings


    Flowers are popular in Chinese paintings, such as peony, plum, bamboo and etc.

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Chinese Paintings Gallery

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CNArtGallery is proud to provide a wide variety of unique and classically styled Chinese Paintings for your home or office and we hope you consider us for your gift giving and decorating needs.

There are many art forms of expression that humanity has developed over the centuries. One of the oldest is Chinese painting. Art in this style is often found in a variety of subjects and presented on many mediums; the one that brings out the truest meaning is usually on rice paper.

The casual eye might not notice but there are differences in the brushes for Chinese paintings that differ from the ones typically used in the West. For example, the brush’s shaft has an equal thickness along the length vs other brushes that have a tapering end. The advantage to this is for artists that have different sized hands to be able to properly hold the brush as they work. You may notice a difference in the variance of line widths in many Chinese paintings, this is due to the tapered end of the brush which is larger than the brushes used in Western style work. If you are going to start painting in the Chinese style, you'll find the traditional form is a powder which is very tightly packed and must be mixed with water before use. If you aren’t able to get access to these, a comparable replacement are Sumi inks and they have the advantage of already being in liquid form so no mixing or prior preparation is needed.

When you receive your Chinese painting from CNArtGallery, you have typically four ways to display it. Wood framing, Hanging scroll mounting, Silk brocade or completely Unmounted. If you would like your paintings to be framed, then choose Silk Brocade Mounting or Unmounted and then see your local art store for framing options.